Steps towards a circular city

Exploring collaborative governance models and urban strategies

REFLOW proposes several steps for cities to engage in the transition towards a circular model:

The first step of this transition is to co-develop knowledge on existing collaborative governance approaches in order to assist you in exploring possible CE approaches, practices and strategies according to your city’s context. It covers several points: policy frameworks, learnings from emerging governance strategies within the context of different ‘city concepts’ and visions, and existing toolkits.

This handbook focuses on this first step and seeks to help orient your city with respect to collaborative governance approaches. We often place cities within the context of certain models. Keep in mind that these models are not boundaries, but rather a way to organise and understand the cities and the needs they are responding to. Your own city will likely build on combinations between different concepts: what matters is not which model applies to your city, but rather how the different models can provide relevant and meaningful insights for your own city.

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