Toolkits & Handbooks

This section provides a series of existing tools and methods that you may use to design, activate and foster the transition to more circular and regenerative urban environments.

We break each tool down into three sections to help you understand and make use of them. The sections cover:

  • “What is it?”

  • “What is it useful for?”

  • And a “Description from the authors.”

Why this library

The tools included in the library represent assets that have been tried and tested in other projects and initiatives. To be included, a tool must be:

  • Relevant: the tool supports the REFLOW initiative to assist cities in transitioning to more circular and regenerative models

  • Practical: the tool is based on, and offers, practical applications

  • Accessible: the writing and graphic style can be understood by large audiences, beyond specialists

  • Open: the tool is free and available to anyone interested

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