Make Works Handbook

Founded by Fi Scott. Led by Alessandra Schmidt, at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Fab City Research Lab Barcelona.

What is it?

​Make Works’ supports mapping local ecosystems and aim to make local manufacturing openly accessible. An open access factory finder, Make Works source manufacturers, makers, material suppliers and workshops. The online platform allows designers, makers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, micro-businesses and everyone that wants to, to search for listings in their local area so that they can find someone who can assist them to create, build or repair physical things. We want to support small scale, local manufacturing, or distributed manufacturing, as an alternative to the consumption of mass manufactured products.

Make Works thinks that the information gathered should be open and accessible, connecting people directly to making and repairing things, democratising access to production and investing in local economies, skills and community. Their philosophy is to open up manufacturing and make local, sustainable production accessible for everyone.

What is it useful for?

  • map local ecosystems and source local manufactures, workshops and materials

  • small scale production networks

  • environmentally sustainable systems for the future

  • accessible information about manufactures to inspire to make, build, create and repair things in the world.

  • set incentives for conscious decisions about consumption habits

  • improve quality and integrity of design and understand how to source materials and production processes

Description from Authors:

Make Works builds small scale production networks to help developing environmentally sustainable systems for the future. From distributed production reducing the carbon emissions released in transportation and shipping; supporting local, resilient economies; through to providing communities with access to tools and skills needed to repair existing things. On a practical level, simply source local manufacturers, craftspeople, workshops and materials. Create accessible information about manufacturers to inspire people to make, build, create and repair things in the world. Give citizens access to information about manufacturing means they can make more conscious decisions about their consumption habits. Improve the quality and integrity of what can be designed and made by understanding the materials and production processes used. Allow businesses to take more responsibility for the working conditions and the environment that any manufacturing they commission locally affects.

REFLOW Pilots are highly recommended to become a Make Works Region!

Learn how to do it:

The first step is filling the online template with basic inputs for the region home page at the Make Works website, or alternatively you can get in contact with

Useful links and resources:

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